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An Original Comedy Series About a Musician With a Big Head...Who Plays On a Small Stage.




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DO NOT watch the following DK the gig PILOT EPISODE at work...unless you're a stripper or meth dealer....then it's probably okay.

DO NOT watch this at work...unless you're a stripper or meth dealer...then it's probably okay.

"I LOVE this! The true perils of a man who just wants to play his music. 

And it's f*cking funny!"

                   Steve Lukather

 (Toto/Legendary Session Guitarist)

                 "Love it!"

         John "JR" Robinson

 (Legendary Session Drummer)

  "I love this! Wanna see more!"

                    Dan Bern

(Singer/Songwriter, Film Composer)

"DK the gig is so damn funny, smart, and raunchy. It's real. I know guys like this!"

          David Uosikkinen

    (The Hooters/Sessions)

"Well crafted and hilarious insight

into the life of a musician."

                  Derek Sivers

               (Founder, CDbaby)

"DK the gig will make everyone laugh. Everyone 

except singer/songwriters, who will weep openly."

                                     David Poe

                  (Singer/Songwriter, Film Composer)

"I LOVE IT! Just amazing...

I was laughing so hard."

         Chris Hadley

       (Snobby Robot)

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               "This is great..."

    Dave Abbruzzese (Pearl Jam)

"DK the gig is funny. In

fact, it's "scary funny."

       Billy Amendola

                                                                      "If I had my own network, THIS is the series I would place my bets on..."    

                                                                                                            Starlight Music Chronicle  (11/2017)